Need something repaired, serviced or Calibrated?

Tool City uses a network of trusted and experienced service agents as well as original manufacturers to maintain and repair the tools and equipment that we sell. If it has a brand name and we can identify it we can usually accommodate it.

The common maintenance and repairs include Air Tools and equipment, Power Tools and equipment, Lasers, hydraulic jacking equipment, torque wrenches, and various workshop equipment. Torque wrenches when repaired are also calibrated and will be supplied with a traceable calibration certificate.

Tools or equipment will be assessed and a written quote produced for your authorization. A prepaid minimum assessment/quote fee is applicable for all repairs/maintenance orders. This quote fee will be deducted from the final total repair cost. If you elect not to have the repair(s) carried out then the minimum assessment/quote fee covers the cost to have the repair assessed and is non-refundable.

It is the purchasers responsibility to return the items for repair irrespective of whether the item is covered by warranty or not.

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