Bordo 19.5mm x 1/2” Reduced Shank Drill Bit - Carded

118° notched point 30° helix
Bordo reduced shank HSS drills are ground and then a black finish is achieved by steam tempering, a thermal process resulting in a porous tool coating. This surface aids chip flow and heat dissipation. The drill is then ground a second time to achieve a bright finish on the shank and cutting edge

Part No. 2654-19.50
Reference No. D1881950
Barcode 9326518004158
Diameter (mm) 19.5
Flute Length (mm) 89
Overall Length (mm) 152
Pack Quantity 1
Spindle Speed Stainless Steel RPM 196
Spindle Speed Tool Steel RPM 294
Spindle Speed Cast Iron RPM 392
Spindle Speed Malleable Iron RPM 441
Spindle Speed Med. Carbon Steel RPM 490
Spindle Speed Free Cutting Steel RPM 702Power Tool Accessories
Spindle Speed Aluminium/Brass RPM 996
Spindle Speed Wood/Plastic RPM 1486
Feed per revolution mm 0.36