Bordo 1/4 HSS Cobalt Jobber Drill - Carded

135° Split Point (crankshaft point)
Split point is self centering and the short distance from the drill axis to the outer corners results in faster penetration, reducing the need for end thrust. The 135º point should be used to cut harder steel materials especially in deep hole applications. In these situations it will produce thicker chips minimising work hardening of the cavity. Faster penetration reduces abrasion and friction along the cutting edges. Cobalt HSS jobber drills are extremely hard and provide superior performance and increased tool life especially in stainless steel and high tensile steel.

Bronze Finish (gold oxide). The metallic brown coloured low temperature temper treatment is normally only used on cobalt tools for identification purposes.

Part No. 2010-1/4S
Reference No. D1080635
Barcode 9326518036289
Diameter (mm) 6.35
Diameter (inch) 1/4
Flute Length (mm) 70
Overall Length (mm) 102
Pack Quantity 1
Spindle Speed Stainless Steel RPM 722
Spindle Speed Tool Steel RPM 1083
Spindle Speed Cast Iron RPM 1445
Spindle Speed Malleable Iron RPM 1625
Spindle Speed Med. Carbon Steel RPM 1806
Spindle Speed Free Cutting Steel RPM 2588
Spindle Speed Aluminium/Brass RPM 3672
Spindle Speed Wood/Plastic RPM 5477
Feed per revolution mm 0.17