Bordo 2.5mm HSS Bright Jobber Drill - Carded 2pk

118° Split Point (crankshaft point)
Split point is self centering and reduces the need for end thrust. Friction at workpiece is reduced. 118º point angles are ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron. The 118º point creates easily controlled chips which are wide and thin.

Bright Finish Jobber Drills have no surface treatment and are supplied in the as-ground condition. These tools are suitable for general purpose use, particularly for non-ferrous applications.

Part No. 2007-2.50S
Reference No. D1050025
Barcode 9326518035404
Diameter (mm) 2.50
Flute Length (mm) 30
Overall Length (mm) 57
Pack Quantity 2
Spindle Speed Stainless Steel RPM 1529
Spindle Speed Tool Steel RPM 2293
Spindle Speed Cast Iron RPM 3058
Spindle Speed Malleable Iron RPM 3440
Spindle Speed Med. Carbon Steel RPM 3822
Spindle Speed Free Cutting Steel RPM 5478
Spindle Speed Aluminium/Brass RPM 7771
Spindle Speed Wood/Plastic RPM 11593
Feed per revolution mm 0.07