RedBack Lasers DL160 Digital Level Inclinometer 160mm with magnetic base and large LCD display
$119.00 $139.00

The DL160 is a highly compact and quality made digital level inclinometer featuring a large digital Display indicating angle in either degrees or percentage, features also include audible sound to level and HOLD which freezes the angle displayed. The DL160 is is just 160mm in length and built tough with metal chassis and magnetized base for use with levelling and aligning steel work and comes with a protective carry case.  Self calibration is a snap with no special tools or even level surface required.

Ideal for any steel erection applications, general building, engineering and automotive jobs.  All in all a handy tool to have in your collection.

Angle Range: 4x 90°
Accuracy: 0.1° in first 10°
Power: 3x”AAA”