Sidchrome SCMT65100 Slimline Cordless Light
• Maximum illumination for areas with restricted access and confined spaces.
• The light for a tight spot!
• Exceptional durability:
– Resistant to shock, oil, workshop lubricants, solvents and common
• 2 Power level LEDs:
– Standard for close working, reducing glare, 120 Lumens at 0.5m, run time
up to 8hrs
– Boost for inspection and maximum visibility, 240 Lumens at 0.5m, run time
up to 4hrs
• Fast charge: ~ 3h (~6h via USB cable)
• Integrated charging status indicator
• High capacity Lithium-Ion battery
• Supplied with 240V charger, 12V car adaptor and USB cable
• Flexible hook to prevent damage when hanging / removing
• Integrated 1/4” thread to enable hands free use with supplied magnet or tripod (not supplied)