SP Tools SP70856 500ml Vacuum Brake Bleeder Kit
$201.70 $254.00

Includes Vacuum Brake Bleeder & Brake Fluid Reservoir Filler Vacuum Brake Bleeder
Universal Rubber Fitting Holds Securely on Brake Bleed Screw
Convenient Hanging Hook and Quick Release Trigger Allows Hands Free Operation
Internal Overfill Valve Prevents Brake Fluid Spray if Container Reaches Capacity
Clear Drain Hose Provides Visible Inspection of Old Fluid During Bleeding
On-Off Switch Prevents Spills When Not in Use
Container Capacity: 500ml Brake Fluid Reservoir Refiller
Automatically Refills Brake Fluid Reservoir During Brake Bleeding
Retaining Clip Provides Positive Clamping to all Master Cylinder Reservoir Types• Height Adjustment Positions FillerSpout to Maintain Correct Fluid Level During Brake Bleeding
Positive Venting System Supplies Unbroken Continual Fluid Fow
On-Off Tap Allows Use and Storage Plus Eliminates Brake Fluid Spills 
Container Capacity: 600ml