Sunflag 888-12V Master Screwdriver Kit Magnetised | Tang Thru
This Sunflag master kit offers a great combination of of popular sizes of Phillips / Slotted screwdrivers, in standard, Tang Thru, and stubby styles.

All Sunflag screwdrivers feature their legendary soft grip handle. In addition, the larger screwdrivers in this kit feature a magnetised tip, and tang through design. These screwdrivers are packaged in a quality EVA tray that can be placed directly in your toolbox.

Sunflag screwdrivers are made in Japan, and come with a lifetime warranty. Sunflag screwdrivers are JIS compliant.

Phillips: #0 75mm | #1 75mm | #2 150mm | #3 150mm
Slotted: 3.0 75mm | 5.5 75mm | 6.0 100mm | 8.0 150mm, 9.5 350mm
Stubby: Ph: #2 30mm | #2 Mini | Sl: 6.0 30mm